Covering of Pits.. Planting trees on the borders

It’s been a long time after the pits were dug. The pits had to be left uncovered for at least 15 days so that, the inner soil get exposed to the sunlight and also to rain.

After about 20 days we started putting back the inner soil into the pits. The top soil was still left open near the pits.

In the mean while fencing of the land with chain mesh started. This cost was high as the fencing poles were prepared with cement and 8mm rods. Around 165 poles were built.

Once the fencing was completed, we now have started closing the pits with top soil. The top soil of each pit is mixed with 20kgs of farm yard manure, 200 gms of single super phosphate, 200 gms of organic neem cake. The entire process of closing the pits is very labour intensive and finding labor everyday is difficult these days due to MANREGA.

FYM costed 1200rs per tractor and the fertilizers cost about 6000.. Atleast 15 tractors load of farm yard manure is required to cover the entire pits.

Horticulture dept, Govt of Telagana issues proceedings sanctioning 90% subsidy on drip irrigation cost and also 10% mobilization advance is issued to the drip irrigation కం any. Expecting the drip to be installed before 10th of this August, do that the mango plantation can be done before 15th August..

Planted 110 trees of Red sandal wood, Sri Gandham(white Sandal wood) and coconut trees each apart from other plants along the boundary.

The drip irrigation installation is getting delayed badly and the reason being told is that the delay is due to GST. I don’t understand how GST is affecting in supply of Drip Irrigation.

The delays are one of the major detterants in entering into agriculture.


Author: SK Reddy

venturing into Agricluture.

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