Venturing into Farming

Hi All…

I am from village in Mahboobnagar Dist, Telangana and working as Mid Level Manager in State Govt. PSU in Hyderabad. Though I was born in village, I was brought up in Hyderabad since I was 3 years as my father worked in State Govt. So, I rarely visited my village and that too only during summer holidays when my grand mother called me.

After marriage and 2 sons, elder one goes to school,  my outlook towards job has changed. The job profile doesnt excite me at all and the only reason to work is I get 6 figure salary every month. Everyday morning I get up and get ready for my office and in the evening return home, watch TV, play with kids and off to sleep. There is no challenge in life and also these days it keeps striking me everyday that, is this the only purpose of life. The only purpose in life has been to study, get into job, get married, children, their studies etc..

So, after long thoughts and many discussions I finally decided to venture into Agriculture. I have about 3.25 acres of ancestral agriculture land which we had given on lease till now. I have told the lessee that I would be farming it on my own after Ugadi i.e.29th March 2017.

The plan.. Next post.


Author: SK Reddy

venturing into Agricluture.

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